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The Long Game

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The Long Game: Trade Deadline Stashes

Erik Siegrist takes a look at some players who are worth stashing in the hopes that they get traded into big-league starting jobs, such as Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier.

The Long Game: The Art of the Trade

Erik Siegrist looks at different tactics and strategies for making trades that go beyond simply adding Jake Arrieta's name to your team's trade block on the league website.

The Long Game: Examining 2018 Breakouts

Erik Siegrist takes a look at the keeper-league trade value of 12 players enjoying breakout campaigns, including the Twins' Eddie Rosario.

The Long Game: 2019 Breakout Targets

Erik Siegrist turns in another edition of his Long Game column, this time turning his focus to potential breakout players for next season.

The Long Game: The Middle

Erik Siegrist checks in with his Long Game column, exploring the concept of

The Long Game: Who's Next?

Erik Siegrist looks toward the future in this week's edition of the Long Game, suggesting Braves prospect third baseman Austin Riley is worth monitoring as the season rolls on.

The Long Game: Just a Little Patience

Erik Siegrist uses his Long Game column this week to discuss the importance of remaining patient when your star fantasy assets are struggling.

The Long Game: 20 Predictions

Erik Siegrist comes up with 20 predictions for 2018 with Opening Day underway, like Mariners ace James Paxton taking home the American League Cy Young Award.

The Long Game: Busting Inflation

Erik Siegrist breaks down how to calculate inflation in keeper leagues, and how to prepare for bidding wars on elite players like Kenley Jansen.

The Long Game: The Humidor Dilemma

Erik Siegrist dives into the the situation surrounding the new humidor at Chase Field in Arizona and how climate-controlled baseballs could impact the fantasy value of Diamondbacks players.

The Long Game: Keeper League Draft Value Chart

Erik Siegrist delivers his first Long Game column of 2018, breaking down a new keeper league strategy heading into draft season.

The Long Game: The Next Wave

Erik Siegrist takes stock of baseball's best prospects, forecasting when they might be brought up to the bigs and the potential impact they'll have on their teams.

The Long Game: Early 2017 Trends

Erik Siegrist looks at some early emerging trends for 2017 and the likelihood of them panning out as the season unfolds.

The Long Game: March Madness

Erik Siegrist recaps his draft results from RotoWire's new staff keeper league in this edition of The Long Game.

The Long Game: Auction Prep and the Success Cycle

Erik Siegrist details how to manage different aspects of your keeper-league roster in this edition of The Long Game.

The Long Game: Making Profitable Decisions

Erik Siegrist discusses how to evaluate players and salaries for keeper leagues. For instance, is there a price at which keeping Carlos Correa is no longer profitable?

The Long Game: Odds and Sods

Erik Siegrist discusses a few topics of interest to keeper league owners including which prospects seem poised to inherit big league jobs after the trade deadline.

The Long Game: The Other Guys

In this week’s edition of the Long Game, Erik Siegrist takes a look at prospects who are likely to be available in your league’s free agent pool, when someone like the Astro’s Alex Bregman is already taken.

The Long Game: The Art of the Dump

In this week's edition of the Long Game, Erik Siegrist gives some direction on what you can do if your team is spinning it's wheels -- and going nowhere fast -- two months into the season.

The Long Game: Buying High

Erik Siegrist gives us his theory on

The Long Game: Who Stole the Steals Revisited

Erik Siegrist explores the disappearance of stolen bases in today's game and what it means for fantasy owners.

The Long Game: No Scrubs

Erik Siegrist uncovers a handful of widely available, overlooked big leaguers and prospects that could prove useful as the season wears on.

The Long Game: Inflation Busters

Erik Siegrist tackles the tricky topic of keeper-league inflation and how to game the system with a player such as Adam Jones so fantasy owners can get the most bang for their inflation-adjusted buck.

The Long Game: Who Stole the Steals?

Erik Siegrist looks at the league-wide drop in stolen bases and how owners in keeper leagues can take advantage of the trend.

The Long Game: Scrubbing Your Keeper List

Erik Siegrist looks for keepers from last season who are cheap enough and have enough upside to keep again this season, like Tampa Bay's Steven Souza.

The Long Game: Remember, Remember, the First of September

Erik Siegrist identifies players, like Adam Wainwright, who might be both available in September to help in the stretch run and good keepers for 2016.

The Long Game: Lessons Learned at the Trade Deadline

Erik Siegrist examines the fallout from the trade deadline on keepers leagues and discusses how owners might better approach FAAB bidding.

The Long Game: Distressed Asset Recovery

Erik Siegrist looks at some of this year's bums, like Washington's Ian Desmond, and discusses whether dynasty owners should buy low.

The Long Game: Finders Keepers

Erik Siegrist looks at some of this year's surprises, like Oakland's Billy Burns, and discusses whether dynasty owners should hold for the future or sell at peak value.

The Long Game: The Landscape Is Changing

Erik Siegrist explains how the changing nature of minor-league promotions and long-term contracts are impacting the fantasy baseball world.

The Long Game: The FAAB and How to Swing it

Erik Siegrist explains why it's better to play small ball during FAAB bidding on players like Miguel Castro before they emerge rather than saving your budget for a big-bid strategy.

The Long Game: Tomorrow's Keepers ... Today!

Erik Siegrist looks at cheap buys who could pay off down the road, including Arizona's Jake Lamb, who has been overlooked with the arrival of Yasmany Tomas.

The Long Game: Inflation Busters

Erik Siegrist discusses how to best attack auctions in leagues where inflation has greatly raised the prices of many stars.

The Long Game: Profitable Decisions

Did you outfox your keeper league last year and get Corey Kluber? Congrats! Now, how long should you keep him? Erik Siegrist discusses the nuances of long-term keeper decisions.

The Long Game: Bat Hawks Down

Erik Siegrist discusses what to do in this lower run-scoring environment, and cautions against giving Corey Kluber a long contract extension, in case the rumored strike zone changes occur.

The Long Game: Found Money

Brad Boxberger was tremendous in a setup capacity last season, and now he might be the Rays' closer to begin 2015 while Jake McGee recovers from his elbow injury.

The Long Game: Springer Forward

The Astros defied convention by calling George Springer up before the Super Two milepost passed, but not before delaying his free agency by a year.

The Long Game: The Closer Carousel

Aroldis Chapman is one of many closers already down. Erik Siegrist offers some alternatives to investing full price on current closers.

The Long Game: Slaying the Inflation Monster

Heading into the final draft weekend, Erik Siegrist tackles the annual inflation problem, and discusses a few volatile players in new places.

The Long Game: The Other Guys

While most keeper league players look for prospects among the September callups, Erik Siegrist reminds readers of another source of free agent value - veterans like Neftali Feliz coming off the DL.

The Long Game: Deadline Risers & Fallers

With the passing of the non-waiver trade deadline, the keeper value of several players changed. Erik Siegrist takes a look at the stock of Cubs right-hander Jake Arrieta and others.

The Long Game: Clowns To the Left ...

Erik Siegrist is debating whether to make a move in the RotoWire Staff League and trade for Joey Votto. He uses the power of Standard Deviations to make an informed decision.

The Long Game: Distressed Asset Recovery

Erik Siegrist looks at some of the top underperformers from this season, like the Yankees' Phil Hughes, to determine whether they're worth a bid to land them on the cheap.

The Long Game: Coming Into Focus

Erik Siegrist looks into four outliers from this season and whether they are good keeper targets, or someone you should deal right away in keeper leagues, including the Diamondbacks' Patrick Corbin.

The Long Game: Next Year Starts Now

If you're playing for next year, don't waste any time in the rebuilding process, and do whatever it takes to find those elite keepers.

The Long Game: The Noble Art of Roster Juggling

Erik Siegrist's decision to buy Mark Teixeira in the auction of the RotoWire Staff League had long-running implications beyond his purchase price.

The Long Game: Stuck In the Middle with You

You might be having Mark Teixeira coming back soon, but your opponents will be getting other improvements, too.

The Long Game: FAAB Strategy in Keeper Leagues

Fernando Rodney was an elite FAAB pickup last season, but as Erik Siegrist discusses, rarely will you hit that big home run on the fantasy waiver wire.

The Long Game: Keeper Auction Strategy Tips

Should you invest in an ace in your keeper league auction like Justin Verlander, or are you better off spreading your pitching dollars around? Erik Siegrist discusses the alternatives you have.

The Long Game: Keeper League Contract Decisions

Erik Siegrist's Keeper League column discusses one of the most important issues facing you in a keeper league - how long do you extend your top keepers like Eric Hosmer?