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Week 16 FAAB Results

There were three themes to this week – find out if Nate Lowe was available, go get your Giants, or otherwise lay low. I didn’t see a big bid anywhere this week. That doesn’t mean we can’t find some hidden treasures, just that … they’re more hidden.

AL Tout Wars

I “won” the only spirited bidding contest, for Bubba Starling. I was a tad more aggressive in going after Starling, with the mindset that he’s going to play a lot for the Royals down the stretch, and that my position in remaining FAAB budget meant that I wouldn’t get any potential big names coming across at the trade deadline, so I might as well instead go for playing time for 2.5 months.

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Week 15 FAAB Results

This was a relatively quiet week, heading into the All-Star break. Unless Nate Lowe was available in your league, there wasn’t a premium prospect that called up, though Dylan Cease might be better than I’m giving him credit here, and there weren’t any major closer changes. That doesn’t mean that we’re done with big FAAB periods. The trade deadline will bring plenty of chaos, and I keep forecasting / wishcasting that many of these trades will occur earlier because of the singular deadline. I’m starting to see where I might be wrong about that, at least among NL teams, as the Wild Card races are so tight that even teams 4-5 games under .500 are still realistically close enough to be alive still. Only the Marlins, Mets and Giants are truly out of it – so we may have an inventory problem.

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Week 13 FAAB Results

This week in FAAB ended up being more eventful than I originally anticipated, though when you think about it that’s the normal evolution. Players get hurt and other players lose their fantasy-significant roles, creating value in our free agent pool, though we don’t always see it coming. In this case, Zac Gallen was an obvious free agent target and it was only a matter of when he’d get the call, not if. But then we had turmoil with three closer spots as well, plus a few other key drops that went sideways quickly. Aside from one of those key drops, the headliners this week were pitchers.

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Week 12 FAAB Results

This week we can see what a difference there is in the bidding between 15-team and 12-team mixed leagues, not to mention the difference between mixed leagues and mono leagues. In the NFBC the obvious attention was paid to Yordan Alvarez, and there typically was a pretty big gap between him and the next highest purchase. But one of my 12-team leagues also had some pretty big names available, which led to some interesting results.

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Week 11 FAAB Results: The Calm Before the Storm

This week was the calm before the Yordan Alvarez storm, at least in NFBC leagues, where we weren’t allowed to stash him in advance nor were we allowed to bid on him because hadn’t yet played before Sunday. In leagues where he was already stashed, the waiver wire was mostly picked over, at least with perceived big difference makers, though there were a few leagues where Jay Bruce had been dropped the week before and thus was the subject of bidding wars.

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Taking Stock – FSTA

We’ve spent a lot time and bandwidth telling you the players to pick up, but let’s give it some context by breaking down everything going on in one of my leagues. You don’t need to do this each week or with each FAAB period, but it’s also easy to overlook what’s going on with your team on a macro scale, and what individual players on your team are doing. I’ll take a look at my first FAAB league drafted this season, the FSTA League that we drafted in January. It’s a 14-team mixed league with standard 5×5 scoring, $1,000 FAAB budget.

This is an exercise that Scott Jenstad wrote about two weeks ago in Oak’s Corner (you should be reading Scott every weekend here at RotoWire), and I thought I’d flesh that idea out here a little bit. I figure that the writing process will help me manage my teams better.

You can read my write-up of the first 10 rounds of the draft here. The full draft grid is after the jump:

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