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Here are some recent football questions our experts have received, along with their responses:
Hello to you all, A big Thank you for answering my questions through out the football season!! With all of your help I won the Championships in both of my leagues!! Thanks again, Dewey
Congratulations on taking home the title in both of your leagues! Thank you for the props and for using Rotowire. Shawn (CDub)
Who are the top waiver pick ups? My team is as follows: Steph Curry Ariza Lowry Otto Porter Ibaka Tobias Harris Cauley-Stein Jamal Murray Kemba Walker Tyler Johnson Joe Ingles Robin Lopez Trevor Booker Tristan Thompson Derrick Favors 9 category league: FG%, FT%, 3PM, Points, Reb, Ast, St, Blk, TOs
This should be right up your alley.
Can't decide who to pick up!in a 4X4 yearly league. Am in first but very close.need assists , hits , goals Huberdeau or Barkov are both available . Who to take? Thx Izzy
Tough call, both guys have a of upside. Huberdeau is a more physical player and will get you more hits, but Barkov is more balanced between goals and assists. I would probably go with Barkov. A little more consistent when healthy and not as streaky. -Mark
I play in an eight team league where Goalie categories include W and GAA (min 3 starts required). I have C. Price as my primary goalie and recently added P. Budaj as my 2nd goalie. Should I stay with this while he (Budaj) remains LA's primary goalie or should I put Rinne back on my roster (he cleared waivers and is still available today). Thanks for the help.
Budaj has been great this year, although I think his play strong play may be a bit unsustainable. His GAA of 2.03 and SV% of .919 are the strongest of his whole career. I keep waiting for Budaj to turn back into a pumpkin but in fairness to him, it hasn't happened yet. That said, Jonathan Quick is due back in mid-Feb so either way, Budaj has a limited life span and will go back to either backup duty or the minors once Quick returns. So given all that, you may want to pick up Rinne while he is available, because sooner or later you are going to need him. Good luck. -Mark
Im carrying too many offensive players. Need to drop a few and add some SP. Pffensive categories are: R, HR, RBI, Avg, SB, BB. I wanna drop 3 of 5. C.Santana, Eaton, Ellsbury, D.Travis, Maybin. Guys im not dropping are: Weiters, Rizzo, Cano, Arenado, Bogearts, Bryant, Cruz, C.Davis, Gordon. With Gordon suspended my SB are almost non-existent. Who ya droppin knowing the rest of my roster?
I'd probably drop Santana, Eaton, and Travis. Good luck, Dave Regan
If this was the final four who would you choose to match up in the championship? and would who would you pick to win? Ken vs Ari, and Duke vs Virginia
I have a very similar Final Four actually, except I have Michigan State instead of Virginia. So my Final, just like yours, would be Kentucky-Duke, with Kentucky cutting down the nets.
Alright points keeper league with absurd setup, question for you guys. Points are as follows Hitters- tb 1, r 1, sb 1, bb 1, rbi 1 and k -1 Pitchers- IP 3, W 10, S 5, hit -1, er -2, L -5, k 1, bb -1 As far as keepers go you can keep up to 3 people and its the 1st 3 rounds, keep 2 its the 1st 2 rounds etc. Normal espn roster except 3 rp and 6 sp, the league has a maximum 180 starts for the season. That said here's the 5 I'm down to for my keepers. Jose Abreu Jose Altuve Michael Brantley Chris Sale Johnny Cueto
Gotta keep Abreu and Cueto for sure. Then for the last keeper, I'd proobably go Brantley given he will draw walks and Altuve won't. Good luck, Dave Regan