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The Z Files: It's Early, But ...
2 days ago
Todd Zola recommends not putting too much emphasis on early-season data but notes that, unlike Aaron Judge, many batters aren't making contact with their usual authority so far.
Weekly Hitter Rankings: Mile High Club
7 days ago
Todd Zola's weekly hitter rankings has the Rockies on top as they're set to face a couple of weak pitching staffs.
Weekly Pitcher Rankings: The Rich Get Richer
7 days ago
Todd Zola ranks the week's starting pitching as Jacob deGrom is one of a number of top-tier pitchers scheduled for two starts.
Pitching & Hitting Rankings Primer: How the Sausage is Made
8 days ago
Todd Zola gives a peak behind the curtain at how his weekly pitcher and hitter rankings are devised. There's much, much more than meets the eye.
Weekly Hitter Rankings: Motown's Greatest Hits
14 days ago
Todd Zola ranks the week's hitting as the Tigers are the only team with seven home games.
Weekly Pitcher Rankings: Bottom of the Barrel
14 days ago
Todd Zola ranks the week's starting pitching as the Yankees' Gerrit Cole is one of the few top starters with two starts in the next scoring period.
Weekly Hitter Rankings: In the Red
16 days ago
Todd Zola's hitter rankings kick off this week with the Reds getting a favorable opening-week schedule.
Weekly Pitcher Rankings: Buy One, Get One Free
16 days ago
Todd Zola ranks starting pitching for the opening weekend of baseball's new season and includes a look ahead to next week.
The Z Files: Last Minute Draft and FAAB Advice
19 days ago
Todd Zola looks at some wrinkles in the 2020 schedule and thinks the regional alignment will allow Phillies like Bryce Harper to add extra value on the basepaths.
RotoWire Roundtable: 60-game Q&A Part 2
20 days ago
Our four rankers are back to answer more of the questions regarding how they're tackling the 60-game fantasy baseball season.
RotoWire Roundtable: Updated Rankings for 60-game Season
28 days ago
Our rankers are back for the second installment of the Roundtable for the 60-game season. How are they handling Mike Trout for the time being?
The Z Files: The Schedule's Effect on Player Expectations
29 days ago
Todd Zola looks at the potential impact of MLB's new schedule and thinks a number of Atlanta hitters could benefit, including Ozzie Albies.
The Z Files: Monitoring National League Camps
35 days ago
Todd Zola indicates what he'll be looking for in terms of news out of NL summer camps, where Dylan Carlson is one of a number of promising prospects with uncertain debut dates.
The Z Files: Monitoring American League Camps
37 days ago
Todd Zola previews the current state of American League rosters and notes that Aaron Judge and the formidable Yankees offense should be fully healthy for Opening Day.
RotoWire Roundtable: 60-game Q&A
41 days ago
The four rankers from the RotoWire Roundtable -- Jeff Erickson, Clay Link, Todd Zola and Erik Halterman -- answer a short questionnaire.
RotoWire Roundtable: Rankings for 60-game Season
42 days ago
Four sets of individual fantasy baseball rankings are compiled into a Top 300 composite ranking for the upcoming 60-game MLB season.
The Z Files: Lessons Learned
49 days ago
Todd Zola recaps the findings from his Winning Tendencies series and notes that multi-position players like Ketel Marte don't gain significant value in leagues with restrictive roster rules.
The Z Files: Winning Tendencies, Part Six
59 days ago
Todd Zola breaks down roster management trends from last season's NFBC Main Event and notes that Lucas Giolito became a poster boy for exercising patience.
The Z Files: Winning Tendencies, Part Five
64 days ago
Todd Zola examines how roster construction impacted last year's NFBC Main Event and finds that a lot of teams squandered the advantage Ronald Acuna's steals provided.
The Z Files: How the Universal DH Affects Pitchers
71 days ago
Todd Zola looks at the potential impact of a universal designated hitter and suggests it may not be great news for top NL pitchers like Stephen Strasburg.
The Z Files: A Case Study on Roster Construction
74 days ago
Todd Zola uses a pair of retro drafts for the 1999 season to illustrate how getting the most raw value, such as by landing consensus top pick Pedro Martinez, doesn't necessarily lead to success.
All-Time Philadelphia Phillies Draft
76 days ago
Aaron Nola is the only current Philadelphia Phillies player taken in the All-Time Phillies draft.
The Z Files: Winning Tendencies, Part Four
84 days ago
Todd Zola continues his breakdown of last year's NFBC Main Event rosters and explains why he thinks Christian Yelich showed up on so few league-winning squads.
The Z Files: Winning Tendencies, Part Three
87 days ago
Todd Zola continues his dive into NFBC Main Event data and finds that remarkably few of last year's successful squads invested early in a top closer like Kenley Jansen.
All-Time Chicago White Sox Draft
90 days ago
Jose Abreu was the only current White Sox hitter taken in this draft, though not the only current player. See who else Bennett Karoll, Todd Zola and Jeff Erickson drafted.
The Z Files: Winning Tendencies, Part Two
92 days ago
Todd Zola dives deeper into last year's NFBC Main Event draft data and finds a strong case for DJ LeMahieu as the 2019 fantasy MVP.
The Z Files: Winning Tendencies, Part One
96 days ago
Todd Zola dives into the data from last year's NFBC Main Event leagues and discovers that over-investing in specialists like Edwin Diaz can produce a risky path to a championship.
All-Time St. Louis Cardinals Draft
97 days ago
Adam Wainwright was among a handful of active players taken in the All-Time Cardinals draft. See who else Brian Walton, Todd Zola and Jeff Erickson selected.
The Z Files: Anticipating the New Fantasy Environment
102 days ago
Todd Zola considers the impact a modified MLB schedule could have on player performance and fantasy value, and explains why securing an elite closer like Kirby Yates could be crucial.
The Z Files: Neutralizing Park Factors
110 days ago
Todd Zola adjusts the numbers to consider games being played in neutral venues and finds a surprising potential impact on Nationals hitters such as Juan Soto.