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SXM Highlights: Can We Relax After Chris Sale's Last Start?
3 days ago
After Chris Sale showed better velocity Tuesday versus the Yankees, can we relax about his rest-of-season forecast?
SXM Highlights: How Does James Harden Hold Up Carrying Such a Heavy Load?
3 days ago
ESPN's Andre Snellings joins Liss to discuss James Harden's durability.
SXM Highlights: The Trouble With Hot/Cold Streaks When Analyzing Players
4 days ago
Liss and McKechs talk about analyzing players on hot and cold streaks.
SXM Highlights: How Does Yelich Hit So Many HRs With A Low Fly Ball Rate?
5 days ago
Jeff & Liss discuss how Christian Yelich is hitting so many home runs despite a low fly ball rate.
SXM Highlights:  Don't Wait To Pick Up Players Off To Hot Starts
6 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss why Daniel Vogelbach is exhibit A for why you must pick up players who are off to hot starts.
SXM Highlights: Swanson And Success From The Later Rounds
10 days ago
Liss and Todd discuss Dansby Swanson's hot start and how drafting quality in the late rounds can save your fantasy baseball squad.
SXM Highlights: Should Liss Drop Severino?
11 days ago
Liss commiserates with Todd Zola over whether or not he should cut Luis Severino
SXM Highlights: Was Shane Bieber Overdrafted?
12 days ago
James and Liss analyze the evidence showing that Shane Beiber was probably overdrafted for this season.
SXM Highlights: Is The Ball Juiced?
13 days ago
Liss is convinced the ball is juiced.
SXM Highlights: Who Gets ABs if Marcell Ozuna Misses Time?
17 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate who on the Cardinals benefits if Marcell Ozuna's injury forces a trip to the IL.
SXM Highlights: Ryan Yarbrough Is Valuable
19 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss Rays pitcher Ryan Yarbrough's unique fantasy value for 2019.
SXM Highlights: Giancarlo Stanton Injury Fallout
20 days ago
Erickson and Liss discuss who'll gain more playing time for the Yankees now that Giancarlo Stanton will miss time with a biceps injury.
SXM Highlights: Was Trea Turner worth a first-round pick?
24 days ago
Chris Liss and Jeff Erickson discuss whether it was smart to take Trea Turner in the first round of fantasy drafts. If you're picking your team this weekend, see what they have to say.
SXM Highlights: Waiting On Pitching
25 days ago
Todd Zola joins Jeff & Liss to explain his "wait on pitchers" approach in a recent SXM AL-Only Hosts draft.
SXM Highlights: Is Yoan Moncada a Batting Average Risk?
26 days ago
Liss explains to Jeff why White Sox infielder Yoan Moncada is not a batting average risk this season.
SXM Highlights: Rhys Hoskins' Value Update
32 days ago
Liss & Jeff discuss their current value evaluation for Phillie Rhys Hoskins, who recently suffered a shoulder injury.
SXM Highlights: Liss Loves Miggy
33 days ago
Liss explains to Jeff why he owns many shares of Miguel Cabrera.
SXM Highlights: Garrett Hampson's Speedy Upside
40 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss the upside of speedy Colorado shortstop Garrett Hampson.
SXM Highlights: Roll The Dice On Steven Matz?
44 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate whether or not to gamble on Met's starting pitcher Steven Matz. Liss says "yes", Jeff disagrees.
SXM Highlights: Can We Trust Leclerc in 2019?
46 days ago
Liss & Jeff discuss Jose Leclerc's new contract with the Rangers and what to expect from him in 2019.
SXM Highlights: Joey Votto vs. Eugenio Suarez
47 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate Joey Votto's expected 2019 value relative to fellow Red Eugenio Suarez.
SXM Highlights: Is Matt Carpenter Overrated?
54 days ago
Liss explains to Jeff why he probably won't own any Matt Carpenter shares this year.
SXM Highlights: 2019 Expectations For Chris Archer
60 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate what to expect this year from Chris Archer.
SXM Highlights: What To Expect from Michael Brantley
61 days ago
Jeff & Liss discuss expectations for Michael Brantley, who is now with the Astros.
SXM Highlights: How Good Will Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Be In 2019?
66 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate Vladimir Guerrero Jr's expected fantasy value for 2019.
SXM Highlights: Is Kershaw Still An Ace?
67 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate whether or not Clayton Kershaw is still an ace after a few recent injuries.
SXM Highlights: Are The Bucks Being Disrespected?
67 days ago
Nick joins Liss to discuss whether or not the Milwaukee Bucks are getting the respect they deserve.
SXM Highlights: Will Villar Continue To Thrive In Baltimore?
68 days ago
Liss & Jeff discuss the possibility of Jonathan Villar continuing his strong play in Baltimore.
SXM Highlights: Porzingis And The Mavericks
68 days ago
ESPN's Andre Snellings joins Liss to discuss the impact Kristaps Porzingis will have long term for the Mavericks.
SXM Highlights: Is Sale a First Rounder?
69 days ago
DVR & Liss debate whether or not you should grab Chris Sale in the first round.