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RotoWire Community - Help

About the RotoWire Community
The RotoWire Community site is a free site that was developed to bring people together in a social network setting to discuss everything related to fantasy sports.

Parts of the Site
Click on the following links to learn more about the different parts of the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

The blue menu at the top houses links that allow you to navigate the site easily. Certain events will cause numbers to appear next to a link in the blue menu. Inbox (new messages). Friends (new friend requests). Groups (new group invites).

Your Page
This page lists your friends, blogs, teams, polls, and groups. It has a news feed about your friends. You can also set a status message to update your friends on what's new with you.

This area allows you to communicate with your friends in the RotoWire Community.

This page shows a list of current friends, friend requests that you have been sent, and friend requests that have been sent to you. You can also add friends on this page. The page provides a list of friends that you may know based on friends of your friends.

You can create and join groups such as "Brewer Fans". In these groups you can discuss various topics with other group members.

Want to voice your opinion, or read about other peoples opinions - visit the blogs.

Polls give you a chance to see what other people think about players, trades, or anything else you're wondering about. You can also let others know what your opinion is on certain topics.

You can display your fantasy team roster and get feedback about it. If you are a RotoWire subscriber, you can import a team from the MyRotoWire area.

This is where you set your privacy settings and notification settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
To fully participate in the RotoWire Community you must have a RotoWire username and be logged in. RotoWire usernames are free to create, you can create one
here. If you already have a RotoWire username, but aren't logged in, just login with your username and password in the upper-left hand corner.

Do I have to pay to use the RotoWire Community site?
No. Our RotoWire Community site is completely free. The content side of RotoWire involving fantasy sports articles, player updates, and advice from our experts is a subscription-based site.

I already have a RotoWire username, can I use that for the RotoWire Community?
Yes. You should use an existing RotoWire username if you already have one.

Why should I add friends?
Adding friends is a way to keep up-to-date with the people whose opinions you value. Like a person's blogs? Add them as a friend, and depending on your notification
settings, you can get an email when they post a new blog, etc. Adding friends allows you to directly communicate with people by using the Inbox messaging area.

How do I add a friend?
If you know the person's RotoWire username, you can add that friend by using the Add Friend feature on the
Friends page. If the person has posted a blog, or other items, you can visit their user page by clicking on their username. There is a link to add a user as a friend on their user page.

Should I be worried about my privacy?
No. The only information we display to other users is your username, first name, and last name. Your username is used when you participate on the site. Your first and last name are used on your user page and they are displayed when you send friend requests. We do not display any other personal information about you to other users. If you do not want to be a part of the RotoWire Community, you can go to
Settings and make it so people can't even see your username or name.

How do I stop RotoWire Community emails?
Go to the
Settings page. Changing the settings on that page will stop emails.